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A Rare Hybrid with Unknown Origins

Balla Berries is an unusual hybrid strain, with a perfectly balanced 50% indica to 50% sativa mix, or in some cases, or slightly indica dominant hybrid strain with a 60% indica 40% sativa ratio. It was made using a hitherto not known blend of different Berry strains.

Despite no one knowing exactly which strains this delicious hybrid originates from, most users are very familiar with its delectable taste and incredibly relaxing effects. As its name denotes, it is a bud with an intensely sweet and fruity berry-filled flavour, especially blueberry, which can be felt on every puff. Its scent is just as divine, though it should be noted that there is a significant herbal and spicy effect to it as well.

The high from Balla Berries will hit very hard and remain there, overwhelming the mind with a feeling of buzzing, before travelling through the entire system, leaving one with a completely relaxed, at ease feeling, as the buzz takes hold.  The result is an inability to properly focus on pretty much anyone or anything, besides the thoughts going around in one’s head. This sensation quickly travels through the whole body, luring one into a completely couch-locked state, before finally hitting the user with an unstoppable need to sleep.

Given the combination of these effects, plus its 21% to 22% average THC level, this strain is an excellent choice for treating ailments such as toothache, insomnia, migraine or headaches, chronic anxiety or stress, glaucoma-induced pain and ocular pressure. It has almost fluffy yet very hard oval-shaped dark green nugs, distinctive purple undertones, amber-coloured hairs and a sprinkling of bright rose-tinted trichomes.

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