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An Indica Hybrid that Will Make You Happy

Alien Apparition is an indica dominant hybrid strain that was created by Franchise Genetics by crossing Ghost OG and Alien Technology. Like the entire Alien range, it is hugely popular and loved by the worldwide cannabis community.

The strain has a THC level of 20%, which may not be particularly high, but it is known for its potency. The buds are round with orange hairs and coated in golden trichomes. The taste is sweet with hints of berries and citrus fruit.

The high is basically instant, beginning behind the eyes and quickly hitting the brain. It makes people very happy and hungry, so it is a good idea to prepare snacks in advance. However, some people find that Alien Apparition makes them very energetic while others find it quite sedating, therefore, it is best to try it for the first time on a day when you are free.

It is a very popular strain with medical users. Particularly with those who suffer from stress, anxiety or depression, as it is known for making people extremely happy. Alien Apparition has also been known to help with pain and headaches.

Despite the strain’s popularity, it is not easy to find information about how to grow it at home. There are no fixed rules and people are generally recommended to try growing it both indoors and outdoors to see what works best. While it is not certain, it normally takes a plant between 8 and 10 weeks to mature. Similarly, it can be hard to find in dispensaries, but anyone lucky enough to come across it, is sure to have a good time.

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